Armament Technology

About the Client

Armament Technology is a regional success story; locally owned and yet supplying many of the world's professional marksmen with professional-grade weapon sighting systems and accessories.

With unwavering focus on precision and customer service, they have grown over the years by acquiring and then improving key product lines for their clients.

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Their marketing efforts needed to be wide-reaching in order to be accessible to everyone - direct customers as well as a large dealer network. With limited internal marketing resources they needed a partner that could not only support their increasingly important web driven initiatives, but also to support their growing need for marketing materials and trade show display items.

They continue to evolve their website to provide current, relevant, easy-to-find information for ordering parts, product specifications, and pricing.


Our long-time partnership with Armament Technology has led us through different stages of growth with them over the years. Our knowledge of the company’s values and priorities has helped craft custom solutions to technical problems in order to improve workflow and create online processes for jobs that used to be pen & paper based.

As new brands and product lines have been added, we have helped maintain a consistent brand for Armament itself, always keeping the end customer in mind. We strive to create a positive user experience for our client’s internal staff as well as their customers and dealers.

  • In Their Own Words

    Several years ago we hired Roddis Communications to build us a new website. Since that time we’ve added significantly to the initial site, making it a key tool in delivering value to our customers. David and his team have become invaluable partners, offering ideas, strategies and suggestions for most of our marketing efforts. From web, print, and strategy Roddis Communications has become an extension of our own marketing team.
    Trevor Publicover
    Director, Sales & Business Development
    Armament Technology