People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

Continual learning is critical to business success. Our clients respect the fact that we don’t always do the same thing year over year. We push ourselves to get better, more efficient, and to continually stay on top of marketing in a fast paced business world.  Our hope is that this becomes a place for clients and visitors to see what’s driving Roddis Communication team, and making us think about the next new thing in marketing, communication and digital trends. 

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4 June, 2024

Why Branding Matters

In the bustling marketplace of today's world, standing out is more important than ever. For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), branding is the secret sauce that can set them apart from the competition. Now the word branding has developed a crappy brand of its own, it is now often associated with super expensive projects with fancy designers pitching abstract images and “Brand Stories”. Based on this narrative If you're an SMB owner, you might think branding is just for the big companies. But it’s not!

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29 May, 2024

What Does Responsive Web Design Mean?

It’s funny how it doesn’t feel that long ago that we were complaining about trying to fit all of our website elements into a grid that was 960 pixels wide. Only web developers would remember those challenges, and ironically now I wish we could all go back to those days. The reality today is that depending on the kind of audience you have the vast majority of your visitors are using a mobile phone or tablet. Even small screen laptops are much more common than they used to be.

Sales and Marketing Tango
11 March, 2024

Sales and Marketing Tango

How to Harness the Power of Sales and Marketing Synergy

As businesses weigh the decision between investing in marketing tools or developing a sales team, it's crucial to grasp the distinction between sales and marketing – the two interconnected business functions. Exploring why both are equally indispensable for business success can illuminate the path to optimal growth and profitability.

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7 March, 2024

Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant in Today's Digital Age?

Exploring the Integration of Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategies for Optimal Business Growth.

For decades, marketing remained entrenched in print media, encompassing newspapers, magazines, flyers, and other textual advertisements. However, the advent of radio and television caused a paradigm shift, heralding the advertising boom of the 1950s.

Over time, marketing has evolved into one of the world's largest industries, propelled by the internet and mobile technology, which have opened new vistas for advertising. 

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17 January, 2024

Why Doesn't My Website Rank Number One On Google? Or Choosing the Right Battles for SEO Success

In the vast digital landscape, achieving the coveted top spot on Google Search requires an understanding of how search engines work. From comprehending keyword competition to navigating the complexities of content variations and variety of SEO services, let's explore the essential factors influencing your website's SEO performance and address the common question: Why doesn't my website show up at the top of Google Search? 

8 January, 2024

Why Do We Value SEO Services When Developing Your Website?

If your business has its own website, you may not know that it needs to be SEO friendly, but you probably want people to be able to find it! SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your current and potential clients find your website easily. The primary goal of SEO is to increase organic (non-paid) traffic to a website. More traffic means a potential to have more leads and eventually customers and sales.

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11 December, 2023

Custom Website Design Versus Templates

When considering the development of a new webpage or enhancing an existing one, you'll have to answer many questions and make many important choices. Among these decisions, a significant one involves choosing between a custom website design or opting for a template solution. Each path presents unique benefits that depend on your objectives, content, and capacity to support your webpage.

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21 November, 2023

Be the Master of Your Website with a CMS

In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, content is valuable currency. For most small to medium-sized businesses, maintaining a dynamic and engaging online presence is a top priority. One of the crucial tools to help achieve this is a website Content Management System (CMS), which allows businesses, organizations, and individuals effectively manage their online activities.
Scam Alert
9 November, 2023

Business Email Compromise

You probably remember at least one situation when one of your employees got a letter that was made to look like it was sent from you but actually was some spam message or worse. It might have been created to hijack your customers or block your operations. We hope you deleted it...

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8 November, 2023

Is Your Business in Danger?

Are you a small or medium-sized business owner? And you are sure cybersecurity is something ephemeral or for big companies to worry about? Or do you think that you are not really at risk because you don't do e-commerce? The reality is that access to your clients' database, your emails, and all the information you think is secure on the server are the things that might be easily targeted by threat actors whose tools keep evolving.  

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30 October, 2023

The Vital Role of Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

In today's landscape of increasing digitization, cybersecurity for businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, has never been more important. As we rely more and more on technology to help us achieve our business goals, cyber threats become a very real threat for businesses of all sizes. Sophisticated tools, used by the malicious actors behind these threats, underscore the need for businesses to be vigilant, proactive, and well-prepared.

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10 October, 2023

Canadian Digital Adoption Program: Empowering Digital Transformation

Navigating modern digital tools might seem overwhelming. Wondering whether your café needs Instagram or Facebook? Is taking your store online a good move? Should you invest in Facebook ads or merchandise?
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26 September, 2023

September Highlights and Inspirations from Roddis Communications Team

Fall in Halifax marks the start of a new business season, and Roddis Communications team has been working diligently to make it a successful one. Here we would like to share stories of some of our September website design projects we are proud to be a part of.
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19 May, 2021

3 Reasons to get a New Website

Working with small to medium size businesses to rebuild their websites has recently become our bread and butter, and it’s what we love to do.
Roddis Social Media Strategy
10 May, 2021

Building a Social Media Strategy

We recently wrote about three common statistics you should focus on when developing your social media strategy but then it dawned on us – we should probably mention HOW you can build a strategy to guide your organization’s social presence.
social media posting strategy
13 May, 2021

Developing your social media posting strategy?

Whether you’ve just started your business and created a whole bunch of social media accounts, or are looking to improve your results, some of the answers may be found in three common statistics.
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14 May, 2021

The strength of a great story

As a small business, we know how easy it can be to get caught up in the day-to-day workings of your company and lose sight of that big picture “WHY”. Whether it’s why your customers keep coming back to you, or why you come into work every day