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September Highlights and Inspirations from Roddis Communications Team

26 September, 2023

Fall in Halifax marks the start of a new business season. Roddis Communications marketing agency team has been working diligently to make it a successful one. Here we would like to share stories of some of our September website design projects we are proud to be a part of. 

New Sheet Harbour Motel Website

One project we finalized in September was the development of the brand-new website for Sheet Harbour Motel & The Slippery Oyster Licensed Restaurant. Roddis Communications team is happy to take part in the new Sheet Harbour Motel’s leap forward in their online presence. We had the privilege to collaborate with the team in showcasing their beautiful, renovated restaurant and hotel, including a brand-new, stunning patio area.

Our goal was to help Sheet Harbour Motel Restaurant feature their business as a prime destination for tourists just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, making it more visible and easily accessible to travellers. 

A heartfelt thank you to the Sheet Harbour team for trusting us with this exciting project! 

Sheet Harbour Motel home page
Sheet Harbour Motel restaurant page

About Sheet Harbour Motel 

Sheet Harbour Motel & The Slippery Oyster Licensed Restaurant is a charming and picturesque tourist destination nestled just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia. This business offers both comfortable accommodations at the Sheet Harbour Motel and a delightful dining experience at The Slippery Oyster Licensed Restaurant. With recently completed extensive renovations, including a stunning patio area, this establishment has been transformed into a hidden gem for travellers seeking a serene and scenic retreat.

CAII Professional Online Representation

One more project we launched this September was the transformation of the Canadian Association of Ice Industries (CAII) website at

CAII's outdated website was difficult to maintain and out of date, hindering their online presence. We stepped in to provide them with a more professional and contemporary look while equipping their team with the tools to effortlessly manage and update their content.

CAII home page
CAII members page

About CAII 

The Canadian Association of Ice Industries (CAII) is a prominent organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of the ice industry in Canada. As a leading authority in this field, CAII serves as a valuable resource for businesses involved in ice production, distribution, and related services. With a mission to enhance the quality and safety standards of ice products, CAII plays a vital role in ensuring consumers receive top-notch ice for various applications, from food service to recreational activities. Through collaboration and industry expertise, CAII is committed to supporting the growth and sustainability of the Canadian ice industry while maintaining a strong focus on quality and safety.

VIDA Map Web-Portal

This September Roddis Communications team launched one more innovative website for VIDA Living – VIDA Map Web-Portal. This web-portal is built to help our client’s team be more effective and streamlined in managing their interactions with vendors and partners.

VIDA Map Web-Portal is a dynamic platform designed specifically for office management and team members to easily find, contact, work with and afterwards review vendors for various services, such as plumbing, cleaning and more. 

Other advantages of the VIDA Map Web-Portal are:

  • Easy to Manage: having all the functionalities of an App you need, minus the headaches.
  • Mobile & Web Versions: starting with a mobile version for convenience we then expanded to a web-version for a versatile user experience.
  • Independence & Efficiency: giving team members a tool to independently add, comment and review all the information working efficiently and effectively.
Vida Map home page
Vida Map buildings page

Our team is dedicated to helping businesses succeed online. We're delighted with the results of our September projects and look forward to accompanying our clients on their successful journey in the digital landscape. 

Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and if your business is in need of a digital facelift or a new way to communicate with your audience online, contact us today to discuss how we can help you present your best self online.