About the Client

With roots in the Atlantic provinces dating back to 1967, Atlantica is a Dartmouth-based company that is changing what it means to work in the transportation and logistics management industry. 

With a proven history of managing some of the most difficult projects throughout North America – whether you need to transport something by air, ground, rail or road – they’ll get it from where it is to where it needs to go.

Alantica always prided itself on three foundational values: service, reliability and transparency. Simply put, whether you’re a customer or employee they’re committed to delivering exceptional value to help you achieve success.

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Atlantica’s history includes several mergers and acquisitions between trucking companies in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. A new strategic focus resulted in a desire to create a cohesive and comprehensive story that could be used to communicate their core values, and new vision across multiple communication platforms, to multiple stakeholders. This narrative story had to help attract new talent, while staying true to the people and companies who helped shape Atlantica’s history. 

They needed an identity that accurately reflected their desire to create a diverse and inclusive work force, and to change the perception of what a transportation company should be. They were passionate about what Atlantica would stand for but wanted help capturing that vision so they could communicate that story to both clients and employees.


We worked with senior Atlantica executives to develop a brand concept for Atlantica that would highlight the cultural values they so strongly believe in, while still including elements of the very successful company it had been. 

Leveraging the core values they wanted to represent Atlantica, we created a complete set of marketing materials including print collateral, a flexible logo that would allow for wide brand recognition opportunities, tactical messaging to reach their target audiences, a new responsive website and internal company intranet.

It’s been a real pleasure continue to help them find new ways to promote their story and grow their brand.


  • In Their Own Words

    Roddis Communications was an invaluable partner during our re-brand and web development project, making the entire redesign process amazing. From sitting down and helping us craft our message , to giving us all the tools we needed to communicate that message, David and his team were there to support us, make suggestions, and helped us turn our values into a compelling story. We continue to work with Roddis Communications to help support our continued growth and expansion.

    David Montgomery
    Partner, GM