Canadian Digital Adoption Program for Cyber Security

Cybersecurity for small and medium-sized businesses has never been more important in today's landscape of increasing digitization. As we rely more and more on technology to help us achieve our business goals, cyber threats have the potential to have a catastrophic impact on our businesses. The Canadian government is providing support to help small to medium sized businesses come up with effective and customized cyber security programs to protect against digital attacks, ransomware and malware infections.

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Just under one-fifth of Canadian businesses were impacted by cyber security incidents in 2021. 

The most common types of cyber security incidents identified by business in 2021 were incidents to steal money or demand ransom payments (7%) and incidents to steal personal or financial data (6%). More than one-third (39%) of Canadian businesses impacted by cyber security incidents indicated that there was no clear motive.

The reality is that all businesses need to secure their companies against the potential for catastrophic security breaches, ransom attacks, or data loss and business interruption. The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a 4 billion dollar government program designed to help Canadian Businesses adopt new digital approaches including digital marketing tools and web secure tools preventing cyber attacks.


Cybersecurity Certification in Canada

The new Canada Digital Adoption Program from the Canadian government is providing an opportunity to investigate, analyze and create a specific roadmap to implement the digital tools required to achieve the Canadian Cyber Security Certification. CyberSecure Canada is the nation’s cybersecurity certification program for small and medium-sized organizations. The goals of the CyberSecure Certification are: 

cyber security iconLimit the impacts of cyber incidents

iconReassure your customers and investors that their information is protected

iconImprove your cybersecurity knowledge

ixonEnhance your competitive advantage and attract new business

Increase consumer confidence when conducting business online

Provide a detailed plan for how you can achieve CyberSecure Canada certification


How does a Cyber Security CDAP program work? 

The CDAP grants provide funding for up to 90% (or $15,000) towards contracting an authorized digital service advisor. The digital advisor will help your business develop digital technology adoption plans. Further funds and student work placements are available through the program to implement your digital transformation. 


Access the CDAP website through the Boost Your Business portal. Complete the application, and look for Roddis Communications as the advisor to help you develop a comprehensive plan and implementation roadmap for achieving Cybersecure Canada Certification.


We meet with your team members to thoroughly understand your organization, your goals, and how cyber security factors into all of it. During our first meeting we walk through an Initial Checklist of questions, to help us establish a clear picture of your organization’s current cyber security status.


Based on the complete audit, we will present a report that includes all of the recommendations to help your organization meet the requirements for the CyberSecure Canada checklist, which covers 13 major elements. We provide detailed information about what is recommended for your organization for each of the 13 sections.


Once you have the information about what is recommended, we also provide you with a plan for how to accomplish these items. We will identify elements that may be completed in-house, and work that is likely to require outsourced help. For each item, we will provide an estimated timeline, cost, and risk score to help you prioritize and move forward.


We will walk through the Implementation Plan with you, and help you understand the process and priority of the security recommendations. Along with the required steps to achieve the CyberSecure Canada certification, we will help identify any other gaps in the organization’s cyber security that may also need to be addressed to mitigate risks.

With your implementation plan complete, you can decide the next step: an interest-free loan is available through the CDAP program to help you complete your certification. 

Learn how to safeguard your company by prioritizing data protection, building customer trust, and empowering employees. Contact us.


  • Canadian privately owned, for profit businesses with 1-499 full time employees and $500,000 of annual revenues in one of previous three years
  • Must meet all requirements to be deemed a Canadian-controlled Private Corporation (CCPC)


  1. Access the CDAP website to the Boost Your Business portal
  2. Complete the free Digital Needs Assessment to assess your readiness.
  3. Complete the online grant application to cover up to 90% (max $15,000) of the cost of the digital advisory services to develop a digital adoption plan.
  4. Once approved you can access the CDAP Digital Advisor Marketplace to connect with an expert digital adoption service provider.
  5. Look for Roddis Communications as a potential advisor to help you develop a comprehensive plan and implementation roadmap with technology recommendations to achieve Canada's Cybersecure certification. 
  6. Get your cybersecurity plan approved and get secure!
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