Canadian Digital Adoption Program for Digital Marketing

The world of marketing has been changing rapidly over the last decade, but recent years seems to have accelerated that growth. New platforms, new technologies, national or even global competition and an increasing change in how people find, research and engage with companies. For many businesses that change is forcing them to reconsider their mix of marketing activities, trying to understand a shifting digital marketing landscape and a wider range of competitors. The CDAP program is specifically designed to help companies create a strategy on how to harness digital tools and provide a comprehensive plan on how to implement them across your organization.

CDAP Digital marketing

How Digital is Your Marketing?

The rise in importance of digital marketing practices like Search Engine Optimization, Social Marketing, Pay per Click, Search Engine Marketing, Data Analytics and so many more just seems to be picking up speed. For many of our clients the challenge is finding out what approach and technologies make the most sense of their business. Lets face it there are so many options that trying to have the perfect digital marketing strategy and ticks all the boxes is almost impossible without a monster budget.

The CDAP Program is designed to help answer all of those questions, without the pain of having to pay for that strategy out of pocket. The Canadian government understands that small and medium sized businesses are the heartbeat of our economy and want to make sure they can implement the digital tools they need to compete.

Digital CDAP: Business Pain Points Solution 

At Roddis Communications, we understand that small and medium-sized businesses often face various challenges and pain points which CDAP Program might be an effective and budget-saving way to approach. If you are facing some of these challenges, consider participating in CDAP:

  1. Limited Marketing Budget: Digital marketing tools offer cost-effective solutions, enabling businesses to reach a wider audience within their budget constraints.
  2. Limited Visibility to your Customers: Digital marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing can enhance online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find your business online.
  3. Targeting the Right Audience: Identifying and reaching the target audience is crucial for any business. Digital marketing tools provide advanced targeting options, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, thereby increasing the chances of attracting the right customers.
  4. Engaging with Customers: If building and maintaining customer relationships is vital for your business, digital marketing tools enable you to engage with your audience through social media platforms, email marketing, and interactive content, helping businesses understand customer needs and preferences better.
  5. Adapting to Market Changes: The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and consumer preferences can change rapidly. Digital marketing tools provide the flexibility to adapt quickly to market trends and consumer behavior. You can modify your strategy in real-time, ensuring it stays relevant and competitive in the market.
  6. Competing with Larger Businesses: Digital marketing levels the playing field for small to medium sized businesses, allowing them to compete with larger businesses. By leveraging the right digital marketing tools and strategies, small and medium-sized businesses can create compelling online campaigns that resonate with their target audience, gaining a competitive edge.
  7. Improving Website Traffic and Conversions: Digital marketing tools will help your business drive traffic to the websites and increase the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

A Digtial Marketing focused CDAP could allow you to address these and many other pain points, related to digitalizing your business. The Canadian Digital Adoption Programs is specifically designed to help your business adopt new digital tools and techniques, to help you grow and thrive in the digital age, while connecting with your audience, boosting sales, and fostering business growth.


How does a Digital Marketing CDAP program work? 

The CDAP grants provide funding for up to 90% (or $15,000) towards contracting an authorized digital service advisor. The digital advisor will help your business develop digital technology adoption plans. Further funds and student work placements are available through the program to implement your digital transformation. 


Access the CDAP website through the Boost Your Business portal. Complete the application, and look for Roddis Communications as the advisor to help you develop a comprehensive strategy, plan and implementation roadmap for developing a customized Digital Marketing Strategy.

STEP 2: Discovery Phase

We meet with your team members to thoroughly understand your organization, your business goals, and how digital marketing strategies and software tools fits into all of it. During our first meeting we walk through an Initial Digital Audit of questions, to help us establish a clear picture of your organization’s current digital marketing activities. With that information we'll start our research into your competitors, their digital marketing efforts, and help discover best in class examples in your industry.


Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, your current activities, and the competitive landscape we'll put together a list of recommendations and suggested digital tools to help optimize the effectiveness of your digital marketing program.  We will provide research on what data we used to make these recommendations, and give you a few different options on how to build an effective digital marketing machine for your business. Prior to developing our implementation plan we'll discuss our findings with you, and make sure you agree with our analysis and understand our recommendations.


Once you have the information about what is recommended, we also provide you with a plan for how to accomplish these items. We will identify elements that may be completed in-house, and work that is likely to require outsourced help. For each item, we will provide an estimated timeline, cost, and "Highest Benefit" rating to help you prioritize activities and move forward.


We will walk through the Implementation Plan with you, and help you understand the process and priority of the our recommendations. We'll provide a final plan you can submit to the CDAP program to recoup your investment.

With your implementation plan complete, you can decide the next step: an interest-free loan is available through the CDAP program to help implement the recommendations, though this isn't a requirement. 

Develop a strategy to help make sure your business is positioned to succeed in the new digital world. Contact us.


  • Canadian privately owned, for profit businesses with 1-499 full time employees and $500,000 of annual revenues in one of previous three years
  • Must meet all requirements to be deemed a Canadian-controlled Private Corporation (CCPC)


  1. Access the CDAP website to the Boost Your Business portal
  2. Complete the free Digital Needs Assessment to assess your readiness.
  3. Complete the online grant application to cover up to 90% (max $15,000) of the cost of the digital advisory services to develop a digital adoption plan.
  4. Once approved you can access the CDAP Digital Advisor Marketplace to connect with an expert digital adoption service provider.
  5. Look for Roddis Communications as a potential advisor to help you 
  6. Develop an amazing Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan
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