About the Client

At Construx Landscaping & Excavation Ltd., they are proud to provide landscaping & excavation services to clients in Halifax and the surrounding area. With a reliable and knowledgeable team, they are always ready to tackle any and all kinds of landscaping and excavation.

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Construx is a relatively new company whose owners have decades of experience and expertise in the landscaping and outdoor construction fields. With a fresh start, came a fresh brand with dynamic colors and bold, simple statements. As a startup they needed everything from a great new logo, business cards, a website and of course help with strategy as they grew.


Starting from the ground up, we created an entire brand for Construx. From a logo and business cards to a full-service website, we worked with them to fulfill their vision on who they wanted to be as a company. When it came to the year’s biggest tradeshow, we helped create the perfect blend of striking visual design, and practical layout within their booth. We continue to help and support this great group as needed.