Junior Web Developer

Roddis Communications is looking for a creative, personable, technology loving, web developer/site builder to join our company and help our clients build their brands and businesses online.

About You:

You are excited about your work, and enjoy staying on top of the web's latest and greatest trends. You want to work within a great team but still have a chance to shine. You love to contribute to success and know you can help people with your creative ideas and approaches. You are responsible and trustworthy, and understand that your name and word is important; you want it to stand for something good and positive.

  • You are self motivated and can work independently when given realistic timelines and expectations
  • You like building things and aren’t afraid to learn new ways to tackling projects
  • Technology and software doesn’t scare you; it’s just a new fun thing to learn
  • You aren’t afraid to ask for help if needed, or give it if asked

What you know:

  • A solid understanding of web architecture & web coding standards
  • Experience working within Drupal 7/8 CMS
  • General Understanding of Object Oriented Programming (PHP )
  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • Understanding/Awareness of  CSS Frameworks
  • JavaScript Libraries ( jQuery etc)

Bonus Points:

  • Linux Command Line (bash)
  • Bash scripting
  • SQL (simple queries and joins)

What you’ll be doing:

You’ll become part of a successful team that helps support clients in their quest to improve their businesses. Your primary role will be building and supporting Drupal based websites, but you may also be asked your opinion on other work we’re doing.  You will work on translating website designs into functioning websites.  We work primarily with Drupal 7/8 for our clients, though we sometimes support Wordpress, Joomla or HTML based sites. You’ll use your experience in Drupal, along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to convert designs and specifications into interactive websites and intranets.

You will:

  • Participate in the development process for small and medium sized web sites from inception to deployment
  • Implement cross-browser page layouts and designs using Drupal as a platform, augmenting existing modules with CSS and JavaScript techniques
  • Troubleshoot and debug both live sites and pages under development
  • Analyze tasks to provide work estimates, and manage your time to keep developments on schedule

Bonus points:

  • Work directly in MySQL to efficiently load data and perform some small maintenance (taking and restoring backups, loading csv files into tables, etc).
  • Getting lots of opportunities to hone your PHP by debugging Drupal modules, and maybe writing some of your own.
  • Navigating the Linux command line to run drush commands, and writing small scripts to ease administration tasks.


What to do next:

If this kind of work and environment sound like you’d like to learn more, please email your resume to [email protected] , along with why you think you’re the right fit for our team. While we appreciate the time taken by all applicants only those who we feel best meet our requirements will be brought in for great coffee, snacks and a chat.