National Construction Council

About the Client

The National Construction Council (NCC) is the new standard - a standard that listens to the needs of contractors and owners. The NCC is committed to co-creating continual, discernible value with our partners. The NCC provides you with one operation to staff and maintain your workforce needs from start to finish with strong values and priorities in safety, efficiency, productivity, and quality.

  • National Construction Council website

As a new organization there was a need for a clean, concise website that communicated the key goals of the National Construction Council to the public. With a limited turn around time, and the need for a scalable base that could grow over time, Roddis Communications was chosen to build a responsive site using Drupal 8.


Working with the executive team we quickly created a new Drupal 8 website that followed the existing work completed on their initial brand. Clean lines, images and clear messaging are all hallmarks of this site.