Meet The Client

JETCO is a local contractor that has grown into one of Nova Scotia's finest property management companies, building and managing both residential and commercial buildings throughout Halifax Regional Municipality. Established in 2005, JETCO Inc. represents the combined experience and expertise of key members, forming a world class construction and development team.

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As JETCO evolved from a general contracting company to a contracting company with some building management, and then to a company focused on building & managing properties, it became obvious that a new strategy was needed to communicate their brand online. The business had four constituent parts that were to be reflected in one website.

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Our collaboration began with building individual websites for the company’s businesses, and over time moved on to crafting a strategic plan to merge these entities seamlessly, followed by the development of the unified website. 

Additionally, we provided support in creating digital advertisements and social media strategies to enhance visibility, for JETCO commercial and residential property rental and leasing services. Roddis Communications approach included strategic planning, website development, and digital advertising, ultimately streamlining their online representation and boosting market awareness.

For under $500 of ad spend, the 4-week campaign generated an overall website traffic increase of 830% with a significant increase in repeat visitors – showing that people came back multiple times.

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