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Payzant Building Products Ltd. is a trusted name in the industry, serving communities with top-notch building materials and hardware since its establishment in 1964. From its beginnings on Sackville Drive, the company has grown exponentially, now boasting nine locations throughout the Maritimes. Rooted in Sackville, Nova Scotia, Payzant maintains the values of a local family business, passed down through generations. Payzant is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and expertise customers can rely on.

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The primary issue Payzant faced was the need to ensure their organization was accurately represented throughout all of their marketing materials across all of their locations. This included making sure their website featured the company's services, and allowed for more effective communication and exchange of information with clients. The Payzant team approached us for the development of a new website and also recognized the necessity for a comprehensive strategy to execute and achieve consistent brand alignment across the entire organization.

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Firstly, Roddis Communications helped Payzant team to create a strategy for alignment, and execute it across the organization to improve brand consistency. We designed and developed a new website for Payzant, showcasing the organization and facilitating sharing information with clients. Simultaneously, our digital agency supported a comprehensive brand alignment strategy across the entire organization, guaranteeing consistency in brand representation and messaging, through SEO support, graphic design for in-store signage and online promotion, and supported digital marketing campaigns. This integrated approach enhanced Payzant's online presence and strengthened their brand identity.

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