The Sackville Business Association

About the Client

The Sackville Business District lies at the heart of one of the fastest growing areas of Nova Scotia. In the past five years, the town of Sackville has seen remarkable growth adding thousands of new residents and businesses to the mix. SBA is a non-profit organization representing businesses within Sackville where they aim to make it a great place to live, work, and shop.

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  • Website

Despite tremendous work by SBA staff their website was suffering from platform performance issues and reliance on plugins that were no longer supported. Given the platform issues, the decision was made to investigate a new platform that could support their continued growth. They wanted a digital platform with the flexibility to support the innovative events and programs they create for their community. 


Working with the SBA, we were able to recreate their website into a modern, quick and flexible website. Using the latest technology found in Drupal 8, we provided a platform that will be heavily supported for years to come, focusing on core functionality to limit the use of 3rdparty plugins. Working hand in hand to create an overall strategy, we listened to their great ideas and helped bring them to life in a simple, colorful and easy to update site.