Carmen Fitzpatrick

Graphic Designer

A born and raised Haligonian, Carmen brings a strong background in digital and print publishing and design.  As a graduate of the well recognized Graphic Design program at NSCC, Carmen joined our team with the goal of increasing and broadening her design toolbox and helping our clients communicate their message across multiple mediums.

Carmen impresses everyone with her dedicated work ethic, either here at the office or in the pool as a Competitive Masters Swimmer. She sees every opportunity as a chance to grow and with a “challenge accepted” attitude, she will tackle any job that needs to be done. Innovative thinking mixed with her love of creativity results in beautiful designs; keeping our customers happy.

With a creative mind, a competitive edge and a genuine love for design, Carmen has been a welcome addition to our team. When she's not crying in laughter at repeats of The Office, she can be found hard at work, but always ready with a quick quip.


Carmen Fitzpatrick

"Design is thinking made visual and I feel that is a big part of why I love what I do! I love taking what starts out as a scribble in my notebook and then bringing it to life in a creative way. It's fun to see the process and rewarding to see the end result."