Carrie McDonald

Office Manager

Carrie was born and raised in Cape Breton and arrived on the mainland to attend Saint Mary’s University. With a BSc, BA and Certificate in HR Management, Carrie has been managing businesses and helping them succeed for the last 15+ years. Her extensive experience across multiple industries gives her a unique perspective on business operations, and a great set of skills with which to contribute to our success. Carrie’s direct experience managing one of the regions better known marketing agencies makes her a perfect addition to our team and a welcomed voice at our table!

We love people who have passions and interests outside of the office! Carrie is an entrepreneur at heart and knows what it takes to create a superior product and meet every deadline. When she’s not buried in numbers and people, Carrie fosters her creativity in the kitchen making chocolate bars and other sweet treats, and has her own successful business. We are all happy to support her business goals with free taste testing!

Carrie McDonald

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. "  -Confucius

I've never met a more laid back and driven crew. It's joyous!