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Daisy Roddis

Barketing Assistant

Daisy joined the Roddis Communications wolf pack back in March 2020 as the official office pup. Her days consist of sleeping under desks, eating crumbs off the floor after lunch and barking for no reason at random times during the day.

Daisy always greets guests at the door with her tail wagging uncontrollably and probably a bark or two. She is very friendly and loves when new hoomans visit. She prefers back pets but will flip over for belly rubs if you are lucky. Want to stop any barking? Make a big deal about how special she is, apparently she is a very high maintenance puppy!

Daisy contributes to the team by supplying a furry ball of love all day, every day. She seeks out every opportunity to snuggle, especially when the hoomans are hard at work. She jumps at the sound of the peanut butter jar opening and is always down for a game of fetch in the hallway.