David Roddis


David brings a unique perspective to applying marketing to real world business challenges. From his days as the Director of Marketing for one of Nova Scotia's most successful specialized electronics manufacturers, to his years helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, he understands how to deliver marketing campaigns that balance budgets and results.

David’s experience working in competitive domestic and export orientated industries has given him a real understanding of the key factors that lead to profitable success. As a graduate of the Sandler Sales Training President's Club program, he makes sure every project he delivers always considers how sales and bottom line growth can be grown through effective marketing.



David Roddis

"I’ve always considered marketing as a role designed to both lead and support the other aspects of a business. It means finding out what makes a business special and helping to develop tools to communicate those values to the right audience.

From internal staff to supply chains and customers, great companies understand the role each stakeholder plays in overall business success."