Doris Li

Digital Designer

Doris is a professional Visual designer , UI designer and Illustrator who specializes in Interdisciplinary Design, which means she can use a wide range of skills and techniques to achieve our clients’ needs. Since joining the Roddis team it’s become obvious that Doris has a real talent for taking imaginative designs and make them functional and useable across a range of mediums, without losing the creative spark from the initial concept.

Doris graduated from the Soochow University in 2012 with a Bachelor degree in Digital Media Design, and recently completed her Masters in Interdisciplinary Design at the NSCAD University. Doris is positive, creative, a life long learner, and a passionate advocate of great design.

When she isn’t drawing or dealing with the Adobe Suite in front of computer, you can find her in her kayak on Long Lake, hiking a trail in Kejimkujik, or exploring Atlantic Canada with endless road trips!

Doris Headshot

“Curiosity has always triggered me to explore all the possibilities of a design, while the happy faces of my clients keep me motivated to always continue to grow as a designer. I believe doing what you love is the key to being successful in your career, that’s why I am a designer”