Joy Fraser

Creative Director

With a made-in-Halifax design education, Joy first tested her graphic design skills in a busy print shop before moving on to a publishing company producing a national business magazine. Since joining the Roddis Communications team, Joy has become a go-to resource for our clients.

She has a unique ability to take virtually any project and find a way to make it better. As Creative Director she bridges the gap between client requests and the delivery of tight designs across all mediums. We've yet to find something she can't do, from beautiful web design, amazing print designs, custom video creation, and everything in between. Along with being the chief design mind, she has a passion for lists and organization, making sure that projects are delivered to clients on time and within scope.

With an infectious laugh, an unreal ability to deliver beautiful designs, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, she may just be the person clients love speaking to most.

Design nerd, typography enthusiast and avid learner, Joy is a key member of the Roddis Communications team and a favorite of all our clients.