Megha Patel

Web Developer

Megha arrived at Roddis Communications with a huge smile, great work ethic and a desire to continue her professional development. It didn’t take long for us to learn just how dynamic and brave she is. Leaving your homeland to travel to a snowbound land, by yourself, at the age of 19 is just the start of her journey. Blessed with a love of education from her parents, who help provide educational opportunities for children in India, she has quickly demonstrated that she’s up for any challenge and is not afraid to ask any question to learn how to further enhance her skills.

With excellent CSS skills, and a solid foundation of computer programming, Megha is our in-house Big Commerce trained developer, WordPress expert and is now learning how to love the Drupal development environment. She’s often the envy of our Monday morning regroups with either tales of relaxing, eating Pizza and watching Netflix, or dropping everything and going camping on the spur of the moment as she explores Nova Scotia!