Nathan Jeffrey

Web Developer

Obsessed with how things work, Nathan looks for challenging problems to solve. His career started in the Heavy Equipment industry working on computer and electronic systems on highway vehicles. As technology in that industry evolved, so did the complexity of the problems and his need to solve them. When Nathan figured out that programming controllers and tweaking firmware meant he could stay out of the cold, his career path was chosen!

When Nathan and his wife jumped head first into entrepreneurship, suddenly the software and electronics challenges of modern heavy equipment changed to the digital and marketing challenges that all small businesses face in today’s world. He quickly immersed himself in web development, SEO and advertising and hasn't looked back.

When Nathan isn't writing code, building custom modules, or supporting client SEO strategies at Roddis Communications, he's exploring new technologies and cool ways of helping our client's improve.


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Nathan Jeffrey

"You don't browse a good website - you experience it. I used to think that this was very hard and expensive to achieve. After a short time on this team, I realized that all you need was the right kind of talent working together"