Turbulent Research

About the Client

Turbulent Research designs and manufactures low power data acquisition and signal processing products for sub-sea, industrial and remote locations. They love science, engineering, and design, and are in business to help customers get the best quality sensor data possible, reliably, easily, and affordably.

Turbulent Research are experts in underwater acoustics, real time processing, and low power embedded circuit design for long term and autonomous instrument deployments.

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Turbulent was a perfect example of a innovative technical company. They design, build and distribute world class products, but were concerned that their branding and marketing materials didn't reflect the outstanding quality of their products.

The company needed to make a good first impression on the market, with selling materials that reflect the excellence of their products. A key consideration was to make investments that would allow them to scale their portfolio of marketing tools as their business continues to expand.


The primary goal was to help establish priorities for marketing projects that fit with their available budget and matched their growth plans.

Building on existing branding, we took a series of images of their product lines and developed a flexible product datasheet that would allow easy updating as new products and features were introduced to the market. Now Turbulent Research has selling materials that accurately reflect the passion and expertise that goes into their outstanding products.