Xeos Technologies Inc.

About the Client

Xeos Technologies designs and manufactures telemetry and data collection products for reliable and innovative ways to track, monitor and control the harsh ocean environment. Since 2004, they have been responsible for a number of technical innovations, including the world’s only 2-in-1-mooring beacon, the Apollo.

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With their strong focus on technical innovation and superior production, the Xeos team has needed marketing support to help tell their story to the world. With steady growth over the last 14 years, the need to constantly communicate to their worldwide market has driven a constant requirement for marketing tools like websites, brochures, digital campaign and strategic plans.  


Xeos was our first client, and we have always cherished the relationship we have with the ownership group. From our first website design, to our most recent we have strived to help communicate their technical innovations to the world. Always starting from a strategic vision of where we want to go, we’ve been lucky enough to work on countless marketing campaigns involving digital, print and direct marketing tools.